"Stonewall Jackson -- In the Presence of His Maker"

Available to collectors for the first time -"Stonewall Jackson -- In the Presence of His Maker"
by Ron Lesser

On a hill near Fredericksburg, Stonewall Jackson kneels in new fallen snow . . ."in the presence of his Maker." Knowing that a battle is imminent and painfully aware of the sacrifice of those who are soon to fall, he prays for mercy for his men and victory over his enemies.

You can own this masterpiece by Ron Lesser in editions created directly from the original oil painting.


Archival Prints (21 x 17 in.)
S/N - Edition of 500

Giclees* - (20 x 22)
S/N - Edition of 50

Original Painting Available -
Call for Information


*Giclee -- Limited Edition signed and numbered personally by the artist. Our giclées are produced on archive quality canvas. In the Giclée printing process original artwork is reproduced by spraying fine streams of archival quality ink onto canvas using a sophisticated Jet Printer. This process creates prints with a higher resolution and a greater dynamic color range than other common printing processes.

Please contact us if you have any questions or would like more information about our giclées or other print editions.

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