We have selected a few books about Mercersburg and the Civil War - some specifically about J.E.B Stuart and his raid in October 1862. We hope that will be of interest to you. All of them are by Pennsylvania authors. Each are "First Editions", and signed by the authors.

"Galloping Thunder" by Robert J Trout, is a comprehensive history of the famed Horse Artillery that accompanied General Stuart on his raid through Mercersburg. The Horse Artillery is featured, in fact, on two of the paintings created for the Stuart event. It is the most significant work on the Horse Artillery ever published. First Edition and signed by the author.

"Cannons, Horses, & Apple Cider" by John Thompson IV, is a comprehensive look at J.E.B. Stuart's entire October raid - known as the "2nd Ride Around McClellan". Filled with maps and pictures (many in color), this book gives in great detail the routes Stuart took and includes first hand accounts from the key participants. It is the most significant work on the Raid ever published. First Edition (limited to 500 copies in leather) and signed by the author. Copies of this book are available through the Fendrick Library in Mercersburg or from the author. Please contact us at if you are interested in purchasing this book.