Henry McCarty ("Billy the Kid", "Kid Antrim")

The 5'3", 125-pound "Kid" was born Henry McCarty in New York City. In his mid-teens, "Kid Antrim" known by his stepfather's name at the time, began his career of theft at Silver City, NM. He began to rustle horses and was caught up in his first killing when he fled to Lincoln County, NM, where he hooked up with a gang of horse rustlers. Billy spoke fluent Spanish and was popular with Mexican women. The Kid was employed by the xxx of John Turnstall, who Billy watched murdered before his eyes as the bloody "Lincoln Count War" erupted. The Kid swore vengeance, and along with members of Turnstall's faction called "The Regulators" swept the countryside hunting down and shooting their enemies. The Kid, now an outlaw, surrendered in exchange for amnesty, but violated the terms by leaving Lincoln County. Sheriff Pat Garrett had begun a relentless hunt for Billy the Kid. Garrett forced the Kid to surrender, but he escaped, killing two guards in the process. On July 14, 1881, Pat Garrett shot a bullet in the Kid's heart; he had been watching in the shadows of his friend's room. The kid walked in to get the key to the meat house to cut a steak. As he walked into his friend's room, he asked a shadowing figure on the bed, "¿Quien es?" (Who is it?)

Gunfighter Statistics:
Number of Gunfights: 16
Number of Killings: 4
Number of Possible or Assisted Killings: 5

"You won't follow me any more with that gun."

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