Robert LeRoy Parker — "Butch Cassidy"

Robert LeRoy was born in Utah where his career in theft apparently began, as he left home on ill terms and began associating with horse rustlers and bank robbers in Colorado. He stayed in Browns Park working as a cowboy, broncobuster and occasional horse rustler. He took on the alias George Cassidy, and working as a butcher, began to be known as "Butch" Cassidy.

Cassidy continued his thievery and spent some time in prison in Laramie, Wyoming. He was pardoned and became the leader of a gang of outlaws, "The Wild Bunch," operating from Browns Park.

Bank robbery - Montpelier, Idaho
Coal Mine Payroll - Castle Gate - Utah
Railroad; Hole-in-the-Wall - Browns Park
Robbed Union Pacific
Wilcox and Medicine
Blown up
San Antonio/New Orleans
Pinkertons pursuit
Abandoned ranch and continued robberies through Argentina, Chile, Bolivia, and San Vicente where they were caught in a shootout. Butch shot Sundance there, and then committed suicide, though there were rumors that he escaped. He was, perhaps, the last of the Wild West outlaws.

Gunfighter Statistics:
Number of Gunfights: 2
Number of Killings: 0
Number of Possible or Assisted Killings: 2