"Judge" Roy Bean
1827? - 1903

For 20 years, the self-proclaimed "Judge" Roy Bean was the "Law West of the Pecos." Roy Bean set up a saloon/courtroom in Langtry, Texas where the Pecos River meets the Rio Grande. He justice was swift, often arbitrary, but wrongdoers who wandered into his territory feared his wrath.

Roy Bean supposedly left his Kentucky home when he was 16 and was involved in the Mexican War, Civil War, the dairy business, running a saloon among other ventures — although much of Roy's accounting of his life is not verified. He was involved in several shootouts, and was even left to hang, which left a scar on his neck. Almost always, the cause of the incident was a woman.

In 1882, he crossed the Pecos, now Justice of the Peace, and set up his establishment, "the Jersey Lilly" — named after an English actress, Lilly Langtry, whom he never met, but was infatuated with. There, Roy Bean meted out justice from his saloon until he died there, in his room, in 1903.

Gunfighter Statistics:
Number of Gunfights: 4+
Number of Killings: 3+
Number of Possible or Assisted Killings: ?

"Dear Governor - You run things up in Austin and I'll run them down here. Yours truly, Roy Bean."