Luke Short

Luke Short sported fine tailored clothes - with a custom-made, leather lined pocket in his trousers to keep a six shooter concealed. He was as ruthless in gun play as he was elegant in taste.

Luke spent time in Dodge city and Tombstone, working the gambling saloons. He became friends with the likes of Bat Masterson and Wyatt Earp. In 1883 the so called "Dodge City War" erupted between the officials, who wanted to reform the gambling houses, and Luke Short who had to get out of Dodge City temporarily. Luke called upon his powerful friends such as Earp and Masterson. The mere presence of these men immediately forced the town politicians to concede, and so they were dubbed "THe DOdge City Peace Commission".

Gunfighter Statistics:
Number of Gunfights: 5
Number of Killings: 2
Number of Possible or Assisted Killings: 0

Luke Short was known as the "Undertaker's Friend" because he "Shot 'em where it didn't show."

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