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The Legendary Gunslingers of the Wild West have been captured on these great collector shotglasses! Each glass has a full color portrait of one of the gunslingers, plus each has a unique set of famous pistols from the frontier
west. The back has a brief description of the gunfighter and the gun.
Each shotglass is topped with a gold "halo" around its rim...
and if that's not enough, each glass is shipped with a certificate of authenticity, with a biography and portrait styled like the old "dime" western novels that helped create the legends.
These are truly great collectors pieces, and they're crafted in the USA!

In 1890 the Bureau of Census had declared the American frontier was closed. What had started with the Lewis and Clark expeditions, and the Louisiana Purchase in 1803, had quickly come to an end — it was the fastest territorial expansion in all of civilization! The wagon trains, gold rush, cattle drives, buffalo hunts, boom towns and the brutal conflicts with the western Indians will always remain an amazing chapter not just in American history, but in the history of the world.

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