About Paths of History Art Publishers

Paths of History Art Publishers was conceived to satisfy a life long passion for American history.

Our interest in history is deep rooted.  Some of us grew up near Ticonderoga, others Saratoga and Philadelphia.  Some of us live today near places like Gettysburg, Antietam, and Manassas.  Our libraries are filled with military books and historical art.  It is these common bonds, and a love of God and Country, that are the foundation of our organization.

True to our work and mindful of the importance of the art we create for present and future generations, we approach each project with an eye to scholarship and a will to create something new. 

We endeavor to provide on our site all the information you need to make an intelligent buying decision.  When it is relevant  we provide historical information that we hope will be interesting and informative.
As someone we expect shares our passion in American History and the Civil War, we hope our site becomes a favorite stop for limited edition prints and artist originals. 

We look forward to hearing your comments and suggestions.

Jerry Ross
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Creative Partners
Jerry Ross
Debby Schmitz
Major Contributors

Ben Downey, DXDev

Phyllis Wissinger, Editor

Major Sponsors

Special Thanks
Robert Trout, Historian/Author
Michael Dreese, Historian/Author
Ted Alexander, Historian/Author
Patricia Wood,  Pickett Society
Scott Hartwig, Chief Historian - Gettysburg National Military Park
John Heiser, Historian - Gettysburg National Military Park
George Lomas, co-founder - Gettysburg Anniversary Committee
Bonnie A. Shockey, Allison-Antrim Museum
Brian S. Wills, Department of History & Philosophy, University of Virginia
Stacy Allen, Chief Historian, Shiloh National Military Park
Rebecca A. Rose,  Curator of the Museum of the Confederacy 
Cars Griggs, Research Associate, Museum of the Confederacy
Heather Whitacre , Manager of Photographic Collections, Museum of the Confederacy
Richard Tritt, Photo Archivist, Cumberland County Historical Society
Col. Keith Gibson, Director, VMI Museum Operations

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