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Valiant Charge at the Angle
Brigadier General Richard Brooke Garnett and his Brave Virginians of Pickett's Division at Gettysburg -- July 3, 1863
Charge 'Em Both Ways
Bedford Forrest at Parker's Cross-Roads - December 31,1862
Colonel Chamberlain and the 20th Maine -- Gettysburg -- July 2, 1863
Pickett's Charge -- Into the Jaws of Hell
General Pickett at Gettysburg-- July 3, 1863

The Burning of Chambersburg -- July 30, 1864
McCausland's Revenge (sheet not available)

Final Assault
Stonewall Jackson -- Chancellorsville May 2, 1863

Stonewall Jackson -- In the Presence of His Maker
Jackson on a hil near Fredericksburg
The Shelling of Carlisle -- July 1-2, 1863
Stuart's Gettysburg Campaign Begins (sheet not available)
Calm Before the Storm
Jackson at Antietam - 1862
On to Mercersburg
Stuart's Ride around McClellan - 1862

Cannons on the Square
Stuart's Ride around McClellan - 1862

Charting the Course at Bridgeside
Stuart's Ride around McClellan - 1862
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