Why an Original Painting?

The most valuable assets of any art publisher are the original paintings created by the artist's own hand. Many are sold before they are even created to collectors who are familiar with the artist's work.  Occasionally we are fortunate to be able to offer originals to the general public.

Each of Ron Lesser's works are painted in the Old Masters technique.

Each starts with a sketch which is transferred to a "prepared" wood panel.  On top of the sketch the artist lays down successive layers of colored glazes (sometimes as many as ten) to obtain the color and texture of the subject matter.  Details like faces and buttons are often painted under a magnifying glass.  Depending on the size, an original can take as long as 4 months to paint.

Most are in private collections or historical institutions.

The artist is available to accept commissions. If you are interested in a work that is marked SOLD - please contact us. We are usually in contact with the collector who may be willing to sell the work on the secondary market.

  A portfolio of Ron Lesser's Major Civil War Paintings.
  Original Portraits of the great figures of America's Civil War.
  Original Portraits of America's Founding Fathers and famous American Revolutionaries.
  Original Portraits of the great figures of the Sporting Worlds of Polo and Baseball.
  Ron Lesser captures the most Heroic moments of the Color-Bearers North & South.
  A new series of horse studies capturing this magnificent animal in spirited and powerful poses. Horse Portraits
  A new collection of portraits based on the glass plate photographs of the legendary photographer Edward S. Curtis.
  These paintings of the Battlefield Barns of Gettysburg stand as historic witnesses to what happened there. Battle Barns of Gettysburg
  Henry Hudson and the Half Moon arrive on our shores 400 years ago. Henry Hudson and the Half Moon

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