No Man Died With More Glory
Reynolds & the Iron Brigade
The painting “No Man Died With More Glory” was conceived by the artist to depict the Death of Major General John F. Reynolds, July 1, 1863. Under intense fire from the 1st Tennessee, General Reynolds galloped to the line of the 2nd Wisconsin - Iron Brigade. Wheeling his horse he called, "Forward, men! Forward for God's sake, and drive those men from the woods!" At that moment, a minie ball struck him in the back of the head. He fell from his horse dead.

Original Oil on Wood Panel - (40w x 30h). Painted in 2008.

For more information about purchasing this original please call (212) 673-1151.

Print Editions:

$350.00Canvas Edition
Limited Edition of 100, Signed and Numbered, Giclee on Canvas (28w x 21h stretched)
$100.00Studio Edition
Limited Edition of 500, Signed and Numbered Prints on 120# Archival Paper; Print size 19.75"w x 14.75"h, Image 17"w x 11.5"h

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