The Shelling of Carlisle -- July 1-2, 1863
Stuart's Gettysburg Campaign Begins
Painted by Ron Lesser, the original oil painting (41"x27") was commissioned by F&M Trust for the 2003 Commemoration of the 140th Anniversary of J.E.B. Stuart's Shelling of Carlisle in July 1863.

Pictured here far left to right are: Capt. James Breathed - artillery, Capt. William W. Blackford - engineer. In foreground, left to right, Major Andrew Reid Venable-adjutant general`s dept., Major General Jeb Stuart, 1st Lieutenant Garland Mitchell Ryals- cavalry, acting provost marshall Major Talcott Eliason - medical dept.

"Come at once, General Stuart, we are engaged at Gettysburg" . . . With these words from General Robert E Lee, J.E.B. Stuart abandons his mid-night siege of the little Pennsylvania town of Carlisle and dashes with his cavalry and horse artillery to Gettysburg. At this moment neither Stuart nor Lee could imagine the importance of the battle that had just begun, or know that the very fate of the Confederacy rested on its outcome.

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Note: Artist & Studio Edition Prints are still available directly from F&M Trust. Please contact their Marketing Dept. at 717-261-3664 to purchase.

Print Editions:

SOLD OUT!Studio Edition
Limited Edition of 300, Signed and numbered. Matted Fine Art Reproduction on Archival Paper. (Matted size 16x20; Print size 11x14)
SOLD OUT!Artist Edition
Limited Edition of 200, Signed, Sealed and Numbered, Framed and Matted Fine Art Reproduction on Archival Paper. (Framed size - 19.5x23.5; Print size - 11x14)
SOLD OUT!Canvas Edition
Limited Edition of 15, signed and numbered, Giclee on Canvas (33 x 21)

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