Abraham Lincoln – A Portrait
A new series of original paintings by Ron Lesser
Painted from a Mathew Brady photograph.

In the spirit of these 19th century historic documents Mr. Lesser, with a keen eye for detail and immense talent, has reinvented these masterworks. Painting each with warm light and subtle color, as if bathed in the light from a nineteenth century kerosene lantern, Mr. Lesser brings these frozen “black and white” images to life with a level of detail rivaled only by the work itself.

Created in traditional oils, each original painting is a masterpiece inviting the viewer to “meet” one of the key figures of the Civil War.

No other contemporary Civil War painter captures the essence of the great figures of our country's Civil War like Ron Lesser. Trained in the classical tradition of, William Merritt Chase, John Singer Sargent, and Gilbert Stuart, Ron Lesser captures not only the physical likeness of the titans of this country's greatest conflict but also the man or woman behind the portrait.

Painted in 2008, it measures 18 inches wide by 21 inches high, oil on wood panel.

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